Art Expedition 2023

We are so excited to curate the 2nd Annual Art Expedition! Enjoy art on the wild side at The Texas Zoo on September 15th, 2023! After submitting this form, you will receive an invoice from Fish Bowl Enterprises. If you have any questions, call Claire Santellana at 719-722-4115. 

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2023 Art Expedition Contact Information:, Claire Santellana 719-722-4115 Show Schedule Registration closes at 8PM on August 1st, 2023. You can register online from May 12th, 2023 until August 1st, 2023 or in person when you drop off your artwork. Intake will be July 25th, 2023 through July 30th, 2023 between 2 and 8pm at Crossroads Art House. 2914 N. Laurent St. Victoria, TX 77901. Contact Claire Santellana at 719-722-4115 for instructions on shipping artwork. Judging will take place the month of August, 2023 Hanging of the show will take place September 15th, 2023 from 4pm-5:30pm. WE WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR HANGING THE SHOW For drop off concerns, call/text 719-722-4115 ∙ Reception and awards ceremony will be at 6:30pm on September 15th, 2023 at The Texas Zoo. The public is invited so feel free to bring your family and friends! The show will hang until September 27th. People's Choice voting can take place anytime during The Texas Zoo open hours between 9/15 and 9/27 with regular Zoo admission. Entries must be picked up between 9/28/23 and 9/30/23 between 2 and 8PM at Crossroads Art House. Entries not picked up by 8pm on 9/30/23 will become the property of Jupiter Horizons Gallery. ****Rules & Regulations - Rules must be followed for entries to be accepted! ENTRY FEES *****Crossroads Art House Members and Downtown Victoria Art Walk artists participating in the June 17th VTX Art Walk pay $5 per entry ******Non-members- $35 *******$25 per entry for college and high school students and seniors Other discounts: $15 per entry for veterans $25 per entry for teachers and first responders. RULES No copying or tracing. Art work concept, design, and execution must be the original work of the artist. Verbal directions and advice are allowed. Class assignments are allowed. No bought kits or crafts allowed. 2-D art work must be matted and mounted on a sturdy backing (stiff cardboard or foam board for example, mats may be poster board). A wire hanger or string must be attached across the back. Framed art work with a wire hanger is acceptable.. Art work will not be accepted if not properly prepared for hanging and display. Paintings on gallery wrapped canvas (1"- 3" thick stretched canvas that does not have staples on the sides) do not need a frame or mat, but must be painted on all sides and have a wire hanger. 3-D -Three dimensional pieces must be able to be moved easily by two people and must be sturdy enough for transport. Jupiter Horizons Gallery is not responsible for any damages that may incur during the show. Artists may choose to sell their work but must have a parent signature on the entry form. Divisions for this show include: -Watercolor -Acrylic -Oils -Pastel -Drawing (pencil, pastels, pen & ink, charcoal, scratchboard, colored pencil, markers, and other types or mixtures of mark making) -Mixed Media-artwork that does not fit in any other category. (Including 2D artwork displaying two or more types of media, assemblage, collage, acrylic, or watercolor painting on scratchboard drawings (beyond minimal treatment, print-making, etc) -Photography- digital and film photography minimally altered through technology. This includes photos under glass, gallery wrapped photos, and photos on other media such as metal or wood. -Photography with enhancements- all forms of digital art, including photos that have been greatly manipulated in an app or program -Digital Art-digitally created graphic arts, presented as framed art or similar presentation. -Three dimensional art in various media, including sculpture, bas relief, and pottery. (FUNCTIONAL) -Three dimensional art in various media, including sculpture, bas relief, and pottery. (NON-FUNCTIONAL) Fine crafts such as woodwork, metal work, etc. Crafts must have artistic value to be considered in this category. No kits are allowed -Stained glass and mosaics -Fiber Arts PRIZES Best of Show: $1000 Peoples Choice: $100. A visitor may vote once each time they come to see the show until it closes on the 1st place in each category: $100 + ribbon 2nd place in each category: ribbon 3rd place in each category: ribbon Honorable Mention: At the judge’s discretion RULES & REGULATIONS Artist may enter up to but no more than two (2) entries per category Artwork concept, design, and execution must be the original artwork of the artists; by definition “original artwork” must be the end result of the submitting artist’s original idea or design. Artwork may not be copied or made by using another artist’s concept or design Artwork created in a workshop may receive verbal assistance from instructors, or friends but no physical aid or work can be done on the artwork entered. The artist’s idea, subject, or concept must be his/her own and not that of the instructors. Two-dimensional entries must be either framed, or displayed as gallery wrapped stretchers. Glass or plexiglass is required in framed pieces except for paintings on canvas and varnished/sealed artworks Artists who choose to sell their work will give 30% of the sale price to Jupiter Horizons Gallery. All artwork must remain in the Zoo Gallery until the end of the show (September 27th) All ribbons and awards may not be given in every category. Decision of the judge is final. An entry that is not sealed securely, is too fragile, or is unsuitably finished for gallery display may be excluded by the hanging committee. If minimum numbers in a category are not met, award may not be given Nothing larger than 2x3 feet No prints or copies of original artwork allowed except for digital art, digital drawing, and photography Art does not have to follow a theme. Art may be excluded for the People’s Choice voting and public hanging at The Texas Zoo if art contains sexually explicit or graphic content.
I do not hold the Jupiter Horizons Gallery, Crossroads Art House, Karissa Winters, Claire Santellana, anyone working on the show or volunteering with the show, or the venue responsible for loss, damage, or theft of artwork before, during, or after the 2023 Art Expedition. I agree to pick up my art work between September 27th & 30th. Art work that is not picked up by 8PM on September 30th, 2023 will become the property of Jupiter Horizons Gallery. I have read and agree to all of the show rules and regulations. I understand my artwork/child’s artwork may be used in Jupiter Horizons Gallery or Crossroads Art House publications, newsletters, Facebook, website, or local television and newspaper media concerning the art show. I agree to allow Jupiter Horizons Gallery and Crossroads Art House to contact me regarding upcoming shows, events, and other happenings related to the organizations. I understand that I can unsubscribe from those contacts at anytime by notifying Jupiter Horizons Gallery at or Crossroads Art House by emailing