Endless Imagination Art Show

Endless Imagination: An Artistic Journey Beyond Boundaries

Discover an innovative art show that transcends boundaries and defies expectations. Featuring unique creations that challenge the conventional definition of art, this exhibit will inspire and captivate audiences. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking of creativity and imagination. We are featuring 3 artists: Zach Lopez, Trent Rickman, & Shua.


Zach Lopez

Hello everyone, Zachary Lopez here. I’ve had a unique journey with art that started when I was very young. This journey took me to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I studied studio fine art and got a degree at Herron school of Art and Design. I have been practicing artist for many years.

I primarily use acrylic paint with mix media, creating a textured painterly stroke of expressionistic figures where each individual brushstroke and color is just as important as the overall composition itself.

Trent Rickman

Trent was born in Cuero, TX on July 13, 1979. In 2005, he began his journey as an artist. Trent is a self taught multi media creator & he utilizes his love of art to show the observer a soulful reflection.


Shua is a father of four and artist. He enjoys doing art to express the way he feels.  For commissions, mural inquiries, or for more information, send Shua an e-mail to shua@so-fli.co. You can also follow him on Facebook on the Shua Page or on Instagram as artofshua

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