Our Story

Claire & Karissa

The Universe Collides as Fate Would Have it

Jupiter Horizons Gallery was a dream and a hope that seemed light years away until two people crossed paths and became fast best friends. These best friends quickly realized they had the same dream and vision.

Best friends Claire and Karissa instantly connected over so many things, but their love for art and the passion to help artists, as well as creating more art platforms in the city of Victoria TX were the ones that really resonated between the two of them.


The Big Bang Idea

After a while Claire and Karissa started to realize there was not an Art Gallery in their city. They knew that local artist who were wanting to get the exposure a gallery can provide had no local pathway to achieve that.

So the two of them teamed up and started Jupiter Horizons Gallery. This was a chance for local artist to be able to learn about being in an Art Gallery as well as a chance to build their resume. It also provided a chance for Claire and Karissa to help the Artist learn skills on the business side of Art to help set them up for success. This includes, but is not limited to learning how to price their art as well as discussing the ways they can be able to monetize the art work they’ve created. It is a platform where Claire and Karissa can mentor artist to help them grow their career in the art world.

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